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When to Consider Goods-to-Person

Posted by Chelsie Spencer on 8/10/16 10:34 AM
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Lately, many people have been talking about Goods-to-Person systems, and all of the benefits that they offer. But how can you tell if a Goods-to-Person system is right for your Distribution Center (DC)?

Common concerns regarding Goods-to-Person systems include:

  • Is there a minimum rate required to make our investment feasible?
  • Does the amount of SKUs in our system make a difference?
  • What size products can it handle?
  • Does it work for split case, or just full case?

Goods-to-Person systems can be applied to optimize a number of different material handling processes while increasing speed, accuracy and space in the DC. Let us help you determine if a Goods-to-Person system is right for you.

Scenario 1: Medium and slow moving productsslow_moving_goods_to_person.png

Do you have a lot of medium and slow moving products in your inventory? Goods-To-Person solutions can store more SKUs in a smaller space by eliminating the need for widened aisles required for a conventional rack system. Instead of multi-level pick modules, relying on manpower to pick product from multiple zones, automated cranes do all the work. Product is retrieved from the remote storage location and placed in a designated area where workers complete the picking process.

Scenario 2: Running out of spacerunning_out_of_space_goods_to_person.png

Are you running out of space and need to extend the life of your DC? Replacing a reserve storage racking system with a Goods-To-Person solution utilizes an automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS), which maximizes the vertical space in your DC. In addition, it converts thousands of potentially underutilized reserve storage locations into active pick locations. The crane system operates in a narrow aisle, leaving more space for storage.

Scenario 3: Rely on man up liftsman_up_lifts_goods_to_person.png

Do you currently rely on man-up order pickers when picking from high storage locations? Goods-To-Person solutions use automated cranes that can significantly reduce picking cycles. The cranes quickly and accurately retrieve goods stored in high locations and bring them to your people at ground level, so they can then complete the picking process.



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