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What is WES?

Posted by Randy Marble on 7/5/16 10:33 AM

In the Material Handling world the “WES” acronym stands for Warehouse Execution System. But what does it actually mean and what can it provide your Supply Chain operations?

WES focuses on the suite of software, hardware and controls necessary to handle today’s Omni-Channel distribution requirements.  The larger challenge is constructing the disparate solutions to provide a seamless flow of goods utilizing the solutions and the operational data that each one contains. A Predictive Analytics solution that can draw data from any of the included systems within your operation and expose the data to operators is a necessity to bring these solutions together in concert. Extracting data from the suite of disparate software and hardware solutions is necessary to ensure that the solutions work closely together for optimum results with minimal effort.  Examples of the solutions making up a WES include Warehouse Management (WMS), Warehouse Control (WCS), Material Handling Equipment and Fulfillment Solutions.    Bringing a Predictive Analytics solution into the WES suite will benefit by providing; mobility reporting, dashboards, alerts and most importantly, bringing the right information to the right person in time to make corrections in the work flow to ward off inefficiencies.WES.png

Every facet of your operation is a source of valuable information that can optimize and measure productivity and provide valuable statistical data in real time. Choosing the best of breed solutions for your operations along with a Predictive Analytics solution that can extract data in real time can bring your operations to a world class status.  Having the ability to configure individual dashboards and alerts for each operator from individual processes such as ASRS, picking, QC and shipping systems bring that necessary control to each level of management  across the floor.  Regardless of the systems, hardware and devices you choose for your WES solution, Predictive Analytics will easily turn your data into actionable information, and allow you to manage your operations to their fullest.



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