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What is a “Cobot”?

Posted by Chelsie Spencer on 5/2/16 10:32 AM
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A cobot is also known as a collaborative robot that works side by side with a human being helping with any sort of task from washing dishes to assembly (source).  We recently announced our new Mobile Inspection Table (MIT) for Checked Baggage Resolution Areas (CBRAs) in airports where the MIT automatically delivers luggage that needs to be inspected by the Transportation Security Officer (TSO) right to the individual TSO stations. This is reducing all kinds of ergonomic issues, including lifting and twisting to pick up luggage. With the new technology helping humans reduce their physical labor needed to receive the same outcome, it’s been a welcomed new feature to the CBRAs nationwide.SmartCart_MIT_Proto-01.jpg

Not only does the cobot eliminate ergonomic issues but it also provides a faster throughput of baggage. With the need of TSO agents lifting bags eliminated, the time a piece of baggage is actually in the CBRA is greatly reduced. The actual space in the CBRA is utilized more efficiently with the MIT, decreasing noise, energy savings (both actual power and the TSO’s), and the elimination of single point failure are huge benefits to the MIT.

Cobots not only make work easier for humans but they can eliminate some safety concerns. Cobots are known to have “bumpers” so the robot will know to stop doing the task if bumped or interfered with by a human. Introducing cobots into the CBRAs is a first of its kind for the entire airport baggage handling industry. We are proud to be able to offer this advanced technology nationwide!

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