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Preventing Lost Luggage

Posted by Joel White on 11/18/14 2:42 PM

Approximately two million bags that arrive late, are damaged or go missing every year.  It is a major headache for travelers and one that airlines are working hard to prevent.  WebbView’s Airport Baggage Handling (ABH) management software gives airport operations the ability to identify, respond, track, analyze, report and investigate problems and areas of concern within the baggage system quickly and accurately. 


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What Airports Want Most from a Baggage Handling Control System

Posted by Sarah Carlson on 9/4/14 4:16 PM

With hundreds of airports handling millions of pieces of luggage every day, what baggage handling controllers want most are:

o   Speed

o   Accuracy

o   Flexibility

Speed is essential because planes fly on schedule and bags that miss flights tally up “penalty costs” in extra handling hours, customer service hours and, worst of all, bad word-of-mouth for the airline responsible.

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