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Energy Management Improvements for SmartCart Assembly Systems

Posted by Jerry Chilson on 9/21/15 10:16 AM

Energy management is very important to warehouses and manufacturing facilities worldwide. We're continuously enhancing SmartCart Assembly System offerings and features to meet the goals of our customers. The energy management goal is to extend battery life, reduce energy consumption and reduce number of charge stations and charge time. All these items will reduce the overall cost of SmartCart System ownership and increase SmartCart utilization.


All of our SmartCart systems use state of the art batteries and smart chargers. With smart chargers, batteries are fast charged reducing overall time spent at charge stations. SmartCarts are available with different battery types based on the application and budget.

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Enhancing SmartCart Assembly Systems Features

Posted by Jerry Chilson on 8/11/15 12:13 PM

Assembly systems implemented with SmartCart Automatic Guided Carts (AGC) are flexible, cost-effective. Assembly path layout and functions can be easily modified by the end users with AGCs. This is the first blog of a series that will talk about new and enhanced features for SmartCart Assembly systems. As we continue to install assembly systems with new features and functions we are continually evaluating which functions will be incorporated into our standard product offering.


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