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What is FABTECH?

Posted by Brent Brosch on 11/5/14 1:04 PM

If you’re in the metal forming, fabricating, welding or finishing industry, FABTECH is a must-see event! FABTECH takes place in Atlanta, November 11-13 2014 with 1,400 exhibiting companies and over 100 educations sessions. We’ll be one of the exhibiting companies!

The show hours are:

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Automatic Guided Carts, New and Improved

Posted by Bruce Buscher on 10/10/14 1:51 PM

There’s a new Automatic Guided Cart (AGC) in town! The 300TT is here with towing capacity up to 4,000 lbs. and carrying capacity up to 2,400 lbs. SmartCart® AGCs offer so many benefits to assembly and warehouse applications including:


  • Automatic coupling
  • Automatic decoupling
  • Flexibility
  • Quick to install and modify

What’s different about the 300TT than the other AGC products?

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Applying for a Career and Not Just a Job

Posted by Chelsie Preston on 7/30/14 4:29 PM

Every day our most valuable assets walk in the door and that’s why we work hard to keep our employees motivated, inspired, and most importantly happy! Daifuku Webb Holding Company consists of several different companies who have their own specialties. Daifuku America Corporation specializes in automotive and cleanroom automated systems. Jervis B. Webb Company pursues airport baggage handling systems, automatic guided vehicles and industrial conveyors. Elite Line Services focuses on airport facility equipment operation and maintenance. Our newest addition to the Daifuku Webb family is Wynright Corporation that specializes in warehouse automated systems, robotics, automated storage & retrieval systems, order fulfillment and conveyor systems.

Even though we all have our individualized products we work together to create systems to meet our customers’ challenges. What all of our employees have in common is they love what they do, have a passion for innovation and are committed to being the best material handling company in the world! We’re always looking for talented individuals to join any one of our companies.

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Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems: Unit Load, Mini Load, What’s the Difference?

Posted by Chelsie Spencer on 6/27/14 1:46 PM

Many companies are looking to automate their warehouse or distribution facility with Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) . The top reasons include minimizing costs, decreasing downtime, maximizing floor space and increasing efficiency. Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) are a combination of equipment and controls that handle, store, and retrieve materials with precision, accuracy and speed. Systems can vary from relatively simple, manually controlled point of use storage structures to computer-controlled storage and retrieval systems that are completely integrated into the manufacturing and distribution process. When a warehouse or distribution facility is looking to recapture floor space, improve efficiency or ensure inventory control that’s when an ASRS can come into play.

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How to Make Multi-Channel Distribution a Success

Posted by Joe O'Connor on 6/18/14 3:05 PM

Automated material handling systems have endless possibilities when it comes to making your warehouse or distribution center more efficient. For example Converse and Hurley brands now share two distribution centers in Ontario, Calif., accounting for a combined footprint of one million square feet. Across the several miles that separate them, the facilities have automated and synchronized their entire wholesale, retail and eCommerce supply chains so they are scalable, functional, flexible and quick. Converse has paved the way for more efficient material handling processes including:

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How to Extend the Longevity of your Conveyor Chain

Posted by Chelsie Preston on 5/13/14 3:35 PM

Chain conveyors are used for all types of applications, from automotive assembly to all types of manufacturing. Chain conveyors got their start in the automotive industry in 1919, revolutionizing the way automobiles were manufactured. Most recently the chain conveyor has seen major improvements to its longevity, with LubriPin™. What’s different about LubriPin? It’s the notches on the top and bottom of the pin that enable the oil to flow quickly down the pin to accurately reach critical lubrication points. See how LubriPin improves the flow of oil compared to traditional conveyor pins.

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The First Move

Posted by Sarah Carlson on 4/30/14 11:46 AM

Welcome to the first Daifuku Webb blog.  We appreciate your time and will work hard to make it worth your effort.  Hosting a blog is an opportunity for us to better serve our customers, partners and industry. The global material handling industry is exciting and dynamic, with new innovations emerging constantly. Through our blogs, we will share important news, industry trends, and the latest solutions that are making an impact today and in the future.

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