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When to Consider Goods-to-Person

Posted by Chelsie Spencer on 8/10/16 10:34 AM

Lately, many people have been talking about Goods-to-Person systems, and all of the benefits that they offer. But how can you tell if a Goods-to-Person system is right for your Distribution Center (DC)?

Common concerns regarding Goods-to-Person systems include:

  • Is there a minimum rate required to make our investment feasible?
  • Does the amount of SKUs in our system make a difference?
  • What size products can it handle?
  • Does it work for split case, or just full case?

Goods-to-Person systems can be applied to optimize a number of different material handling processes while increasing speed, accuracy and space in the DC. Let us help you determine if a Goods-to-Person system is right for you.

Scenario 1: Medium and slow moving productsslow_moving_goods_to_person.png

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Topics: Material Handling Industry, ASRS, Wynright Corporation, Goods to Person