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New eStore for Conveyor Parts

Posted by Chelsie Spencer on 11/30/16 11:13 AM

We are pleased to annouce the launch of our new eStore for chain conveyor parts!

You can find everything from chain attachments, to trolleys, to wheels and safety devices 24/7-365 days of the year.   eStore.png

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What Makes FABTECH the Largest Finishing Event of the Year?

Posted by Brent Brosch on 11/11/15 9:48 AM

Every year around this time, North America hosts the largest metal forming, fabrication, welding and finishing event of the year – FABTECH! We’ve been exhibiting at FABTECH for 8 years, each year is bigger and better then before. The exhibition welcomes over 1,500 exhibitors and 40,000 attendees. One of the biggest highlights are the 100 educational sessions and expert-led presentations during the event. This year we have the pleasure to introduce a new product at the show, the Unibilt Inverted Three-Rail (ITR) Conveyor.

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Which Chain Conveyor is Right for You?

Posted by Brent Brosch on 4/29/15 2:21 PM

Who has been in the chain conveyor industry for close to a century? You found us… Jervis B. Webb Company, a subsidiary of Daifuku North America Holding Company, has been in the chain conveyor industry for close to 100 years! In 1919, Jervis B. Webb adapted the forged rivetless chain conveyor for the automotive industry. This single product revolutionized mass production and changed the way automobiles are manufactured. Along with our vast knowledge and growing product line, we also have dozens of high-quality Webb Chain Conveyor Distributors/Integrators that lead their industry and regional expertise to make our projects a success for customers. This group has been growing for decades and offers our entire line-up of chain conveyors throughout North America.

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What is FABTECH?

Posted by Brent Brosch on 11/5/14 1:04 PM

If you’re in the metal forming, fabricating, welding or finishing industry, FABTECH is a must-see event! FABTECH takes place in Atlanta, November 11-13 2014 with 1,400 exhibiting companies and over 100 educations sessions. We’ll be one of the exhibiting companies!

The show hours are:

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How to Extend the Longevity of your Conveyor Chain

Posted by Chelsie Preston on 5/13/14 3:35 PM

Chain conveyors are used for all types of applications, from automotive assembly to all types of manufacturing. Chain conveyors got their start in the automotive industry in 1919, revolutionizing the way automobiles were manufactured. Most recently the chain conveyor has seen major improvements to its longevity, with LubriPin™. What’s different about LubriPin? It’s the notches on the top and bottom of the pin that enable the oil to flow quickly down the pin to accurately reach critical lubrication points. See how LubriPin improves the flow of oil compared to traditional conveyor pins.

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