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National Engineers Week!

Posted by Sarah Carlson on 2/25/15 2:19 PM
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This week is National Engineers Week! The week celebrates the importance of learning math, science and technical skills. Nearly half of our employees are engineers and have developed the best solutions for the material handling industry. From warehouses to distribution centers, and automotive plants and airports our engineers are paving the way with innovative ideas and products.

Most recently our engineers have developed a system automation manager (SAM) that efficiently and effectively controls Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV) and Automatic Guided Carts (AGC). SAM can be easily customized to meet the individual needs of each customer. The centralized vehicle management, graphical user interface, easy integration, and comprehensive reports is what sets SAM apart from other system automation managers.


DUOSYS Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) is another new development. Our engineers created a high-performance, super-fast mini load ASRS that can act as a highly-efficient sortation system. There are two cranes that function simultaneously in the same aisle, maximizing throughput. Multiple cranes are managed by a single off-board controller for increased reliability.


Our engineering team also upgraded its industry leading WebbView Integrated Baggage Handling Control System for airports. The improved WebbView includes an enhanced graphic interface, mobile application and dashboards that can be easily customized to meet individual users’ needs. WebbView’s ability to instantly pull, configure, blend and share reports on any conveyor, at any time, on any date, for any flight in detail for the past 400 days makes it unique in the industry.   A new video highlighting WebbView upgrades is available here.

Our engineers are the best and brightest in the business. We would not be able to provide such high quality products and services to our customers without them. Happy National Engineers Week!

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