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How to Extend the Longevity of your Conveyor Chain

Posted by Chelsie Preston on 5/13/14 3:35 PM
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Chain conveyors are used for all types of applications, from automotive assembly to all types of manufacturing. Chain conveyors got their start in the automotive industry in 1919, revolutionizing the way automobiles were manufactured. Most recently the chain conveyor has seen major improvements to its longevity, with LubriPin™. What’s different about LubriPin? It’s the notches on the top and bottom of the pin that enable the oil to flow quickly down the pin to accurately reach critical lubrication points. See how LubriPin improves the flow of oil compared to traditional conveyor pins.

The LubriPin significantly increases the longevity of conveyor chain. LubriPin also reduces chain stretch and noise generated by the conveyor system. While conveyor chain is our oldest product, we are still looking at ways to improve it for our customers. LubriPin is one of the most significant advancements to conveyor chains in the last few decades!


Topics: Material Handling Industry, Chain Conveyor, LubriPin