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How to Accurately Track and Gently Sort Cartons of Various Sizes and Configurations

Posted by Gordon Hellberg on 7/26/16 11:24 AM

There are several solutions to track and sort cartons of various sizes and configurations but have you heard of a Sliding Shoe Sorter? Meet our AS30 Sliding Shoe Sorter - It’s a high-speed, positive divert sorter that handles high volumes of products, while mitigating wear and tear since it has no moving parts. The result is a divert station that provides high throughput rates for heavy duty applications, lasts longer, extremely quiet,  and requires less overall maintenance.

The AS-30 has two different divert options – high-speed divert switches, which offer speeds up to 600 fpm and significantly higher cycle times, or pneumatic divert switches, offering speeds up to 425 fpm. Diverts can easily be relocated in the field, meaning an unanticipated obstruction does not require remanufacturing; instead, the divert station can easily be moved to address those issues without prolonging the project completion date.AS30_jpg.jpg

How does it work?

A wide range of packaged product, in virtually any mix are quickly and easily transported to their assigned divert stations. Product is gently diverted by pushers designed with energy absorbing elastomer cushions for greater control and gentler handling. The AS-30 divert stations can be infinitely adjusted for precise positioning.

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