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How Magna Automates with SmartCarts

Posted by Bruce Buscher on 1/22/15 4:56 PM

What does the leading global automotive supplier with 312 manufacturing operations, and 83 products use to automate their manufacturing operations? SmartCart Automatic Guided Carts


Magna has 36 SmartCarts which form a mobile assembly line for front and rear bumper fascias and front-end modules at their plant in Toledo, Ohio.Before the SmartCarts, Magna was using a rotating 12 position carousel, which made material delivery very difficult, took up too much floor space and could not easily accommodate future growth or changes.

With the carousel, Magna would have needed 30 stations to maintain their current throughput, which would take up their entire building. SmartCarts gave Magna the flexibility it needed to reduce floor space.


Plus, the guidepath could twist and turn around the monuments in the plant. One of the major benefits of the SmartCarts for Magna was the option to use these same SmartCarts for their next program when the time comes. Want to see the Magna Assembly process in action? Watch our video! Click here.

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