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Chelsie is the Senior Marketing Communications Specialist for Daifuku North America.
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Crate & Barrel Success Story

Posted by Chelsie Spencer on 1/26/17 3:39 PM

Crate & Barrel, a leading retailer specializing in housewares and home accCrate and Barrel.pngessories, sought ways to manage their operation and material handling costs while operating separate direct fulfillment and retail store replenishment facilities. Ensuring top quality specialty products at a value price point is their offering cornerstone. Whether Crate & Barrel is direct shipping an exquisite handmade glass from Poland to one of their online shoppers, or routing a truckload of bedding, furniture, mugs and cutlery to 170 retail stores nationwide, they strive for the highest accountability. Securing a competitive operation to support that goal required a unique material handling process and solution that only Wynright, a Daifuku North America Company could provide.

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Topics: warehouse, distribution, integrated system

New eStore for Conveyor Parts

Posted by Chelsie Spencer on 11/30/16 11:13 AM

We are pleased to annouce the launch of our new eStore for chain conveyor parts!

You can find everything from chain attachments, to trolleys, to wheels and safety devices 24/7-365 days of the year.   eStore.png

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Topics: Chain Conveyor, estore

Why Visit FABTECH?

Posted by Chelsie Spencer on 11/8/16 10:02 AM

FABTECH provides a convenient venue where you can meet with world-class suppliers, see the latest industry products and developments, and find the tools to improve productivity, increase profits and discover new solutions to all of your metal forming, fabricating, welding, and finishing needs. The annual event will offer more than 1,300 exhibitors and 28,000 attendees full access to over 550,000 net square feet of floor space.

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Topics: Material Handling Industry, Conveyor, FABTECH

See you at ProMat!

Posted by Chelsie Spencer on 10/14/16 2:54 PM

ProMat 2017 is only 6 months away!

April 3-6, 2017 we’ll be in booth 2603 at the McCormick Place in Chicago Illinois showcasing our latest and greatest innovations. ProMat is the largest expo for manufacturing and supply chain professionals across North America. 

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Topics: Material Handling Industry, ProMat Show, automation

ELS Filling over 180 Maintenance Positions Nationwide

Posted by Chelsie Spencer on 9/6/16 9:36 AM

Elite Line Services (ELS), a Daifuku North America Company is filling over 180 maintenance positions nationwide within its Airport Equipment and Material Handling businesses.Services

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Topics: careers

When to Consider Goods-to-Person

Posted by Chelsie Spencer on 8/10/16 10:34 AM

Lately, many people have been talking about Goods-to-Person systems, and all of the benefits that they offer. But how can you tell if a Goods-to-Person system is right for your Distribution Center (DC)?

Common concerns regarding Goods-to-Person systems include:

  • Is there a minimum rate required to make our investment feasible?
  • Does the amount of SKUs in our system make a difference?
  • What size products can it handle?
  • Does it work for split case, or just full case?

Goods-to-Person systems can be applied to optimize a number of different material handling processes while increasing speed, accuracy and space in the DC. Let us help you determine if a Goods-to-Person system is right for you.

Scenario 1: Medium and slow moving productsslow_moving_goods_to_person.png

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Topics: Material Handling Industry, ASRS, Wynright Corporation, Goods to Person

What is a “Cobot”?

Posted by Chelsie Spencer on 5/2/16 10:32 AM

A cobot is also known as a collaborative robot that works side by side with a human being helping with any sort of task from washing dishes to assembly (source).  We recently announced our new Mobile Inspection Table (MIT) for Checked Baggage Resolution Areas (CBRAs) in airports where the MIT automatically delivers luggage that needs to be inspected by the Transportation Security Officer (TSO) right to the individual TSO stations.

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Topics: Automatic Guided Carts, Airport,, AGC

New Innovations at Passenger Terminal Expo

Posted by Chelsie Spencer on 3/7/16 3:08 PM

Passenger Terminal Expo & Conference will be in Cologne, Germany March 15-17 - if you’ve never been it should be on your expo list for the future! We will be showcasing new innovations at our booth #3070, we’ll also be exhibiting as Daifuku Airport Technologies! We’ve combined our global airport companies under a single group bringing together our global presence, vast product and operational knowledge and years of experience. Visit our new website http://www.DaifukuATec.com to learn more about our global airport companies including BCS Group, Daifuku Logan, Elite Line Services (ELS), Jervis B. Webb Company and Logan Teleflex.

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Topics: Airport,, Passenger Terminal Expo, Daifuku Airport Technologies

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems: Unit Load, Mini Load, What’s the Difference?

Posted by Chelsie Spencer on 6/27/14 1:46 PM

Many companies are looking to automate their warehouse or distribution facility with Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) . The top reasons include minimizing costs, decreasing downtime, maximizing floor space and increasing efficiency. Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) are a combination of equipment and controls that handle, store, and retrieve materials with precision, accuracy and speed. Systems can vary from relatively simple, manually controlled point of use storage structures to computer-controlled storage and retrieval systems that are completely integrated into the manufacturing and distribution process. When a warehouse or distribution facility is looking to recapture floor space, improve efficiency or ensure inventory control that’s when an ASRS can come into play.

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Topics: Material Handling Industry, ASRS, Automated Systems