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Bruce Buscher is Vice President of AGV Sales at Daifuku Webb

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SmartCart AGCs - More Valuable Than Ever

Posted by Bruce Buscher on 5/5/15 2:00 PM

SmartCart Automatic Guided Carts (AGC) are one of the most popular products Jervis B. Webb Company engineers, manufactures, installs and services. To keep up with the growing market, we introduced Value Added Resellers (VARs) seven years ago. The group has grown to over 24 VARs with more than 92 local offices represented in 22 countries.

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How Magna Automates with SmartCarts

Posted by Bruce Buscher on 1/22/15 4:56 PM

What does the leading global automotive supplier with 312 manufacturing operations, and 83 products use to automate their manufacturing operations? SmartCart Automatic Guided Carts


Magna has 36 SmartCarts which form a mobile assembly line for front and rear bumper fascias and front-end modules at their plant in Toledo, Ohio.

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Automatic Guided Carts, New and Improved

Posted by Bruce Buscher on 10/10/14 1:51 PM

There’s a new Automatic Guided Cart (AGC) in town! The 300TT is here with towing capacity up to 4,000 lbs. and carrying capacity up to 2,400 lbs. SmartCart® AGCs offer so many benefits to assembly and warehouse applications including:


  • Automatic coupling
  • Automatic decoupling
  • Flexibility
  • Quick to install and modify

What’s different about the 300TT than the other AGC products?

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SmartCarts Improving Manufacturing

Posted by Bruce Buscher on 6/5/14 3:26 PM

The Big M Manufacturing Convergence is coming to COBO Center in Detroit next week! The Big M gathers together manufacturing professionals who are looking for real world solutions to their manufacturing challenges. One product that’s changing manufacturing today is SmartCart Automatic Guided Cart (AGCs). Compared to conveyors, SmartCarts provide several solutions to improve assembly lines.


  1. Installation and Changes –AGCs offer system installation and modification that is not possible with a conventional conveyance system. This provides ultimate flexibility and reduces the importance of discovering every conceivable product limitation during the design stage.
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