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3 Tips to Make your ASRS Last

Posted by Jorge Delgado on 5/23/14 11:24 AM
Daifuku Webb and Wynright have methodically built thousands of long-lasting ASRS machines while building a wide-spread reputation for high quality and durable systems. In fact, it is not uncommon to see our ASRS machines still running strong after more than 20-years of service in long established business. What are the keys to such long lasting success?
  1. Preventive Maintenance

Of course adequate preventive maintenance and good care of your ASRS are important factors to increasing the life expectancy of your system. Like all long lasting relationships, there is a combination of love and respect required to make it work! Providing the proper maintenance and detecting the need for small repairs early in your ASRS improves the life span. Annual inspections by the supplier can help to determine deficiencies in best practices and provide the corrective actions required before serious damage has been done.

  1. Control Upgrades

Controls and IT infrastructure are changing at high speed. We have a long history in the ASRS business and recognize the need for control upgrades. Such upgrades can replace obsolete controls to keep your ASRS moving. Our engineers have developed a backward compatible state-of-the-art ASRS End-of-Aisle Controller based on PLC (Allen Bradley or Mitsubishi). The design architecture is based upon a “swappable approach.” Upgrades for the Storage/Retrieval Machine on-board controls have been developed as well.

  1. Functionality Upgrades

As businesses transform over time most likely some of the functions of your ASRS have as well, which means it may be time for an upgrade. To extend the lifespan of your ASRS system, adapting to the changes of your business environment would mostly require improvements to the controls and software. In the scheme of things, they are typically less costly than changing the mechanics.

Taking good care of your installation can help it last decades. The first step is to review your system to determine the overall state of the installation and if a control upgrade is a feasible approach to extend the life of your ASRS. If you want more information, contact one of our retrofit sales specialists!

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